PHP Certification


PHP Certification Course

The purpose of the course is to train you in the usage of PHP and help you make your own PHP-based projects. You will learn basic to higher level programming aspects of PHP. The course is designed to provide beginners with a solid base in the PHP language and guides through the basics of PHP with a hands-on practice. Students are exposed to a stimulated corporate world environment and taught to use various tools and best practices followed.
PHP Course Fee: Rs. 6,999


2. Javascript/JQuery

3. PHP Programming Basics

4. PHP Functions

5. PHP Advanced Concepts

6. Introduction to MySQL Database

7. PHP/MySQL Practice


After the PHP Training,
You will be successfully able to


You will be able conceptualize and plan the entire software development planning for a PHP based project which includes requirement gathering, feasibility study, creation of functional and technical design specs.


Training will make you capable for the end to end execution of any PHP based project from database design in MySQL to file handling, HTML, Javascript/Jquery and much more.


It is difficult to take corrective actions if you can’t test and measure the outcome of software that you build. After the PHP Training you will be able to effectively test measure and take corrective actions to make your project a success.


Akshay Mittal, PHP Trainee


What I found most rewarding was the practical exposure I got while learning PHP at CGurukul. It helped me get a job and earn some extra bugs as a PHP freelancer.

ravi php trainee

All of the basics were covered in enough detail. Clearly explained with real world problems. Got to build an entire PHP based application of my own.

What you get?

Learn from Industry Experts

Our training team comprises of specialists who are experts in their field, with years of practical industry experience.

Project Based Learning

We simulate real corporate world challenges to make you get hands on experience. You become ready to deploy manpower.

Become CGurukul Certified

Get certification after successful completion of the training program followed by a course exam.

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