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The Digital Marketing Course is an initiative designed to educate students, business and professors in the area of Digital Marketing.
The purpose of the course is to train you in Android and help you to build great apps the right way.
The quick and painless way to build feature-rich business website in WordPress…
The purpose of the course is to train you in the usage of PHP and help you make your own PHP-based projects...
Digital Marketing
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Anmol, Android Trainee


Hi, this is Anmol from UPES Dehradun. I did my training in Android from CGurukul, an initiative by WebGeometrics.
It was an intense program at CGurukul. I was made to work on a LIVE project for a US based client in which I worked on the UI components and integrated features like Geofencing, GCM Notifications, Digits Verification, Facebook/Google/Fabric SDK, Firebase implementation.


I am Nishant and got training from CGurukul in Android. It was a great opportunity for me to gain the practical knowledge on android mobile application development under the guidance of experienced mentors at CGurukul.

akash wordpress trainee

I was lucky to get in touch with CGurukul who helped me learn WordPress. Each part of the WordPress training course was very carefully explained and worked through.



SQL vs NoSQL– Which one is Your Pick!

SQL database stands for ‘Structured Query Language ‘ which is the standard language for relational database managements systems whereas NoSQL is a database that offers techniques for storing and recovering of data sculpted in means other than the tabular relations used


Understanding the difference between WAMP, LAMP, MAMP and XAMPP

Wamp, Lamp, Mamp and Xampp are local servers that are used while developing PHP sites. Using these servers, programmers can test a website locally before they upload it to the main server. This ensures that the new website doesn’t have any bugs

wordpress theme customization

Play up with WordPress Theme from within the admin panel

If you have been yearning to know how you can edit up the themes for WordPress right from your admin panel, here is a guide that will seal the deal for you. Read up few tips to play up or customize wordpress

JSON: How does it work and what does it do?

Wonder how so much data transfer takes places over the internet? Well, Javascript object notation—a.k.a. JSON is the “something” that helps such transfers. It is referred to as the format for light-weight interchange of data. The main interchange format for data is

What you get?

Learn from Industry Experts

Our training team comprises of specialists who are experts in their field, with years of practical industry experience.

Project Based Learning

We simulate real corporate world challenges to make you get hands on experience. You become ready to deploy manpower.

Become CGurukul Certified

Get certification after successful completion of the training program followed by a course exam.

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